Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Big Foot Battle

Pic courtesy: Ramu M, my colleague and favourite graphic designer

For the last time, I’m informing you. I don’t ASK my father for permission! I TELL him.

Wars always call for being prepared for the unexpected, no matter how good a war strategist you are. You always need to go the extra mile. With my parents, let’s just say it takes going the extra big foot!
I intended to announce my big foot intentions to them ceremoniously and expected a grand scale dramatics of Kathakali-like expressions and Yakshagaana-like howlings debating the safety and security of girls.

So, I told them that I was going on an “official” tour as a travel writer (with two of my soulmates as photographers). Now, there you go… “official” simply did the trick, turning their roar into a feeble meow!

Well, I had misanalysed the warzone. It wasn’t a warzone; it was a battlefield! A very lukewarm battlefield at that for a hot-blooded proud peacock with superior complexity issues… 

But I’m not complaining, I’m just plain shocked – my feathers were quite hackled, I might say, but there didn’t seem any need for biting each other’s beaks off…

Well, that’s that. Battle won (there was no opponent, really – only pseudo opponent – I do not need a jetpack to fly – I’m a peacock, remember?). I just have my Big Foot Revelation and pack my bags! 

Oh, and before I forget to tell you, I’m headed to Orange County, Kabini.

South Indians are no novice to Kabini, the ultimate southern beauty with her dense forests, and gushing rivers. No doubt every other traveller steps into its territory hoping to eye atleast one carnivore before s/he turns back. 

Well, looking at my primitive feet, I might get lucky. But I’m really interested to see what other treasures this southern beauty hides.

So, Kabini… Here I come… I’m sure my peacock-ugly feet will fit in pretty well with your natural backdrop…

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