Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Big Foot Muse

Years of living in a city that was deemed “pensioners paradise” two decades ago, only to be doomed as “IT-ridden vice” today, I’ve not had much of a relationship with nature. Ofcourse, I always wrote under the influence of the greenery on the empty site next to my house. More precisely, the parthenium weeds, visible from my window, were the best muse I could find. And if it rained, the droplets trickling off this wilderness was all the imagery I needed to get the ink flowing from my pen.

What happens when this writer heads to a blissful resort such as Orange County, Kabini that is nestled on the banks of the Kabini River? She sits on the porch of her luxury “hut” and soaks in all the nature she can.

The river brimming and swishing along the banks like a soaked muddy red skirt… 
The breeze tickling the layers of the infinity pool to evoke ripples… 
The trees rustling relentlessly, as if to whisper some long-kept secrets… 
The birds cooing,chirping, and cawing at various notes, an art, that perhaps no singer can imbibe… 
A gentle drizzling from the heavens…
An overjoyed red earth soaking it all in…

The breeze courts the pool. 
The trees whisper sweet nothings to the breeze.
The sky showers his love to the earth.
The earth soaks it all in with a soft pleasure.
The birds set the tune for the romance.

A singer’s melody… A dancer’s grace… A painter’s masterpiece… A writer’s muse…

They say being a travel writer is a dream job. I believe it’s a dreamer’s job. If, in the past, I feared that my Big Foot Dream would nestle in my eyes and rest there as a twinkle forever, I was only being a cynic. 

An acquaintance once told me, “If you are worthy of nature, she will invite you. But she will invite you only when she believes you are ready. That is the way of nature.” 

And today, I truly understand what he meant. I know better than to question the ways of nature. She’s the muse – I’m only her ink. 


  1. Beautifully written! poetic, expressive and wonderful! I appreciate your writing.

  2. There is a sense of calm that one feels on reading this article... Wonderful!

  3. Love the post Anusha. Your writing is absolutely magical, it has a mystical lyricism to it.

    “If you are worthy of nature, she will invite you. But she will invite you only when she believes you are ready. That is the way of nature.”

    I completely agree with this sentiment.

    1. Coming from a senior and established writer like you, your comment absolutely made my day! Thank you Rachna. :)

  4. Beautiful blog..with lovely pictures.