Friday, 29 November 2013

Big Foot and Bicylce 'Bum'ps

The banks of the Kabini river is a gorgeous landscape to behold. You would think Oh, what a lovely feeling it must be to cycle along the riverside... Hold your horses! If you've been out of touch with your active side, you better tread that peddle with caution!

I saw that landscape cycling was on my itinerary and I headed out donning my sports shoe to show the cycle who's boss. I made my way to the bicycle rack, and requested the keeper to lend me one. And soon I was off happily peddling down the concrete slope, past the gates, and onto the mud track. I did my best to keep my feet on the peddles as the bicycle 
bumped my bottoms hard against the hard seat. 

Calling it a bumpy ride would be an understatement; the stone-ridden path to the river bank was nothing short of a spank-sport! But if I thought that was the difficult part of it, I was only being a pea-brain... A mere ten minutes along the banks and I was huffing and puffing as if I had delivered an obese baby! And to think I'm young... Never mind... 

I stopped at the edge of the river to enjoy the view of gazillion birds happily chirping and preening one another on the rocks amid the river. Some more huffing and puffing later, I decided the bicycle was the better boss after all, and made my way back. Uphill! Alright, "uphill" might be an exaggeration. But atleast it was up'land'. 

So what seemed like rivers of sweat and a near-wheezing syndrome later, I approached another part of the river banks where I set off the Big Foot versus Angry Birds battle yet again. Their indignant cawing and "did-you-do-its" didn't really help my love handles speed the cycle up. And that meant I would carry my heart in my mouth until I passed their territory safely. 

It took all the cholesterol in my body to keep myself peddling; sadly I didn't feel any lighter afterwards though. Some uneven tanning, near-breathlessness, and severe junk-craving later, I returned the bicycle to the keeper (who looked 
amused at my state), looking dead on my feet. 
I simply dragged my feet to the room and submerged 
in my private pool like a hippo.


  1. Looks like you had a great time even though the bicycle ride sapped you of all your energy and gave you aches and pains and all kinds of muscle pains. Your post is making me green with envy, I need to visit Kabini ASAP.

    1. Yeah, Rachna. It was great! I so want to go again...

  2. Sorry for the bumpy ride. I guess a lot of beaches are for foot travelers.