Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Big Foot's Big 'Escapade' or... 'Escape'ade?

Every time I force-open my eyes from a slumber, I feel like I am destined to die from lack of sleep. Every bone in my body protests and my feet, mysteriously, become extra heavy.

The morning of the big run was no different. When I looked into the mirror while brushing, I might as well have been a puffy-eyed corpse that had slept the night in King’s Cottage, a homestay in Kakkabe, Coorg. Even 7AM does no good to my sanity, let alone 5AM!

But the run would start at 7.30 from near Chelavara Falls, and participants were to report at 6. Naturally, my body had to give in to the trauma of waking up at 5. And so, I dragged my corpse-like body along and sat, mum as a graveyard, in the taxi as the driver drove me to the starting point of The Coorg Escapade. 

When the trigger on the gun was finally pulled as an indication to start, I merely stood out of harm’s way as a horde of eager, well-toned-bodied, sportspeople made their way, rushing into the trail... 

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